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Priceline Customer Service FAQs

The Priceline customer service department is not always the best place to turn when you have a question about your reservation. While most travel websites are able to provide you with a toll-free customer support number, not every agent can be as helpful. This article will cover some of the most common questions guests have about booking with Priceline. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful in solving your problem. But before you make a call, be sure to read the cancellation policy carefully.

To access and use Priceline’s services, you must first register. This process will require you to enter current, accurate, and complete information. If you provide Priceline with your email address or other personal information, you should make sure it is accurate. You must also choose a security question to safeguard your information. The security question you choose should be kept confidential, and you should immediately notify Priceline if it is misused by others.

Another problem a customer might encounter is an unexpected change in flight plans. The customer had three legs of the trip canceled during the rebooking process. While American and Priceline provided help, the customer would have preferred filing a chargeback. However, if Priceline had not handled the issue properly, the customer could have filed a dispute with her credit card company. However, Priceline is happy to help when a customer needs to change their plans.

Once the arbitration process is complete, the customer should receive the award. Priceline will cover any fees or costs incurred through the arbitration. In many cases, Priceline pays the costs of filing with the AAA if it’s necessary. However, if the costs of filing a claim are prohibitive, the customer may not receive the amount of compensation that they deserve. Then, Priceline will pay out the money they’ve received.

Priceline users must resolve any disputes through arbitration or small claims court. The consumer must be aware that the arbitration process will not allow a class-action lawsuit, or a representative action against Priceline or the travel service provider. Furthermore, the claims cannot be filed in a class action or similar proceeding. Nonetheless, arbitration procedures are easier and faster than the litigation process. Pricesline has a policy of resolving any disputes in the most expedient way possible.

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