Pallet Racking Brisbane | What You Need to Know

For a really simple activity, shelving for your warehouse may look overly complicated. Making a pick can feel like a mad dash due to the vast array of names for the same item and the limited number of styles that are offered.

Pallet racking Brisbane is frequently referred to as storage shelving, industrial shelves, teardrop racks, warehouse mezzanines, warehouse racking systems, rivet shelving racks, and bulk storage racks.

In this article, we’ll go through the fundamentals of pallet racking and the advantages of using it.

What Exactly Is Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking is a storage device that arranges material pallets into lines on metal shelves. Forklifts may use the system’s many levels of shelving, which are all accessible. By utilising vertical space, these devices boost store density. The premise is the same; therefore, consider the advantages of constructing skyscrapers in a city with constrained space.

Pallet racking Brisbane is a versatile storage option because of the wide range of possible types and sizes. Cross frames and beams are the two major components of pallet racking. Vertical columns that extend from the system’s bottom shelf to its top shelf make up the upright frames. A series of holes will be drilled into the upright frame, allowing the shelf size to be adjusted according to requirements.

A frame must have a height equal to that of a loaded pallet plus the height of a beam plus four inches for clearance. The required number of levels is then divided by this number. A shelf for pallets and materials is made possible by the cross beams’ connections at either end of the upright frame. To build a shelf, two cross beams are required.

Forms of Pallet Racking

Teardrop pallet racking is the most common form of a rack. In this design, the connectors for the crossbeam are placed inside a tear-shaped hole. The distinctive design enables the vertical upright frames and horizontal beams to lock together for straightforward slide-in assembly. With the use of boltless beams made possible by the teardrop shape, assembly is quick and simple because clips, bolts, and fasteners are not required.

Pallet racks are produced in two different styles: roll-formed and structural. Cold sheet metal is cut and rolled to create the rolled form, while hot sheet metal is used to create the structure. The structural system is the most robust and long-lasting of the two, but it is also more expensive.


Racking systems are frequently improved by the addition of accessories and extra parts to meet the needs of the owner better. The most popular accessories available are shown below.

Post Protectors

The bottom of the upright frames is fitted with post guards or rack guards. They shield the frame from harm brought on by collisions with forklifts or pallets. Post guards are either fastened to the floor independently of the rack or directly to the upright frame.

Wire Decking

The most common pallet racking accessory is wire decking because it improves the durability and safety of the pallet racking system. Because the pallet has a wider surface space to sit on rather than the two cross beams, the chance of pallets falling is greatly reduced. A safe deck material that frequently satisfies OSHA requirements is a wire deck.

Safety Panels and Straps

The purpose of safety panels and straps is to act as a barrier between the material being stored and the rack’s edge. It lessens the likelihood of the inventory dropping from the racks. Depending on the needs, they are produced in a wide range of types and using a variety of materials.

Wall Ties and Row Spacers

Row spacers aid in product organisation and maintain uniform product spacing along shelves. They assist in stabilising the pallet rack system and maintaining a straight row of pallet racks. While wall ties hold racks to a wall in a fixed place, they serve a similar purpose.

The Advantages of Pallet Racking

If you manage a warehouse or distribution centre, you are aware of how scarce space is. You must make sure that you’re making the most of every square inch of your area while keeping a tidy and safe workspace.

Pallet racking systems are specialised storage options that let you make the most of the space you have while keeping your inventory accessible and tidy. In this post, we’ll examine the several advantages of using pallet racking systems and assist you in deciding if this storage option is appropriate for your company.

Better Organisation

One benefit of using pallet racking Brisbane is that it may keep your warehouse orderly. Managing a large inventory might make it difficult to keep everything organised. It’s simple to manage your inventory by category, item, or client with pallet racking solutions. To help people discover things quickly, you can label or colour-code items. This arrangement makes it simpler to choose the right things for orders, boosting your productivity and cutting down on the time it takes to complete orders.

Greater Storage Capacity

The ability to store more items in your warehouse thanks to the usage of a pallet racking system is one of its most important advantages. Pallet racking systems are made to make use of the vertical space in your warehouse as opposed to standard shelving, which takes up a lot of floor area.

You may store more products in the same floor space by stacking pallets vertically. This is crucial for companies that deal with large or bulky commodities since it can be difficult to store them in a way that makes the most of available space without a pallet racking system.

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